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The beginning of March heralds 

 our Autumn season,

the Moomba Festival,

International Women's Day


The National Day of Mauritius

Wow, you keep surprising us with your support and generosity.

Our initial target of


has been surpassed

again and again.

Thank you

Total pledged: $ 7,475, total received by 22 December: $6,835

Of the 224 pledges registered, 216 had been honoured - just 8 to go. 

$ 6,835

$ 7,475

The committee of

the Mauritian Community  Broadcasting Group

stands as follows:

  Convenor: Robert Desfosses

  Deputy Convenor: Gérard Laville

  Secretary: Pascal Yee

  Treasurer: Gérard Péka

  Member: Ben Rosemond..

Currently (as at 17 Aug 2019)

seeking 2 more members to complete the committee of 7.

To Mary Rima, winner of 3ZZZ's 1st prize for the radiothon.

To all who won one of the 23 radiothon prizes for the Mauritian program. 

To Tessa and Lara Rumble who won the incentive prize of a $50 shopping voucher offered by the Mauritian program committee for those who sent in their pledged amount promptly.

To Sabrina Boyer and Sylvie Parisienne who won a prize in our special Christmas draw from current financial members.

To Gérard Laville for the song contest. It was amongst the finalists for the NEMBC awards and received a certificate.  

To the Mauritian program on its 30th anniversary of broadcasting on radio 3ZZZ

Broadcasting  in French and Mauritian Kreol,

every Friday, 1.00 to 2.00pm

and Saturday, 12.00 to 2.00pm


You can listen to us live  - on FM 92.3 FM,

on the digital band at 3zzzethnic

or streaming on the internet at


We also have a Facebook page:

3zzz Mauritian Radio on 92.3FM



Our email address, for all your announcements,


enquiries, etc is




We celebrated with a song contest - Découverte 2019

Click on the image above

to read all about it.




On the show this Friday 13 March,
- commemoration of World Sleep Day (13 March);
- a brief recap on the Independence of Mauritius; 
- and music for all ages.
The presenters: Lysiane and Jacques Péril.




This Saturday 14 March,
- by phone from Mauritius, the latest news with our correspondent Jean Claude Antoine;
- Lent 2020 - a message from Mgr Alain Harel, bishop of Mauritius, with the collaboration of Teddy Labour, our correspondent from Rodrigues;
- A tribute to Mgr Alain Harel who was named "Grand Officer of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (GOSK)" for his work in the religious and social sector on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of Mauritian Independence. 
- the launch of MBC SAT with Sharon Latour, broadcast 24h/24 in the main languages of Mauritius;
After community announcements, 2 studio guests:
- Jonathan Legrand, a young photographer who works in Melbourne;
- Mrs Radikah Jooty, manager of an Age Care facility in Mauritius.
Not forgetting all the usual segments, i.e. the sports report, special request song and the quiz.
Presenters: Swena & Nella on mic with Avinash on the panel;  Denise & Hyleen to take your calls.

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    Last updated: Friday 13 March 2020