Coronavirus - COVID-19

Easing of restrictions

is taking place in stages. 

In Victoria,

stage 2 came into effect

on Monday 1 June. 

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to find out all your need to know about what you can now do,  including  the advice of the


The committee of

the Mauritian Community  Broadcasting Group

stands as follows:

  Convenor: Robert Desfosses

  Deputy Convenor: Gérard Laville

  Secretary: Pascal Yee

  Treasurer: Gérard Péka

  Member: Ben Rosemond..

Seeking 2 more members to complete the committee of 7.

Broadcasting  in French and Mauritian Kreol,

every Friday, 1.00 to 2.00pm

and Saturday, 12.00 to 2.00pm


You can listen to us live  - on FM 92.3 FM,

on the digital band at 3zzzethnic

or streaming on the internet at


We also have a Facebook page:

3zzz Mauritian Radio on 92.3FM



Our email address, for all your announcements,


enquiries, etc is







On this Friday's program, 3 guests:
- Julia Shewdeen, in her 2nd year of tertiary studies in Melbourne, from Mauritius;
- Jacqueline Latour, president of the Northern Mauritian Seniors Club, about how the Coronavirus has affected her club members and their activities;
- Roxane Lebrasse, who just passed the blind auditions for The Voice Australia 2020.

This program was completely prepared, produced and recorded at home, by Orietta and uploaded to the 3ZZZ program log by Gérard Laville.




Saturday, 30 May, presenters: Ben and Orietta, technical support by Gérard Laville.

In the 1st hour, following the news and sports bulletins, 2 guests:
- Christelle Lebrasse, journalist on MBCTV, for an update on COVID-19; and
- Marie-Rose Laville, president of the Stella Clavisque Club, on how she and the club have gone through confinement and the way ahead as restrictions are eased;
Also a culinary page: 4x4 manioc.

In the 2nd hour, after some community announcements ans 2 death notices, 3 guests. First, our High Commissioner in Canberra, Mrs Marie-Claire Monty; and 2 young members of our community:
Ethan Nash, aka Ripzer, 17 years of age, completing his VCE,
and Julia Shewdeen, in her 2nd year of tertiary studies in Melbourne, from Mauritius.
And of course, our special request song.

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    Last updated: Wednesday 3 June, 2020