The Mauritian Broadcasting Group has been an integral part of radio 3ZZZ from the very beginning. It was involved in pilot broadcasts back in 1987, in the station launch on 18 June 1989 in the first studio at the Trades Hall Council Buildings and an outside broadcast at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1992. To this day, the MCBG has maintained a strong participation in the life of 3ZZZ.


The first broadcast by the Mauritian group took place on 24 June 1989 and through the years, the program has always been broadcast live on Saturdays. Initially allocated one-hour a week, the group was granted a second hour in 1992 and since 27 June, the Saturday programs have been broadcast from noon to 2 pm.


The magazine-style program is presented essentially in French and Creole, and occasionally includes some English.  In the beginning, the target audience was predominantly Mauritian. However, it now also reaches out to the other French and Creole-speaking Indian Ocean diaspora, namely the islands of Rodrigues, Reunion and the Seychelles.  On the whole, the program includes news from the islands, interviews, music including segas and French songs, community reports, cultural and historical segments, requests and quizzes and also covers events of significance such as Republic Day of Mauritius, Australia Day.


The Mauritian program is the voice of the expats from the islands of the Indian Ocean, now residing in Melbourne and acts as a link between and with compatriots living in other parts of the globe. Over its 25 years of broadcasting, the Mauritian program has developed a strong following, and hosted many special guests and visitors, performers residing in Australia and overseas, athletes and government representatives. It showcases local talent, celebrates our achievements and promotes events such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions and sporting activities where members of our community participate.


A committee of 7, elected every 2 years by the financial members is responsible for the group which boasts one of the largest number of volunteers on 3ZZZ. It currently includes 15 trained broadcasters, with almost equal number of males and females and covering a wide age group. These come together in teams of 4 or 5 each Saturday, on a rostered basis, to prepare and present programs, carry out interviews, operate the panel or answer the phone.

The program’s consistently high performance in the annual fund-raising drive for 3ZZZ is strong evidence of the level of support in our listening community. As one of the best ethnic programs on radio 3ZZZ, the Mauritian program is the proud recipient of a Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence, awarded in 2007, under the leadership of Gérard Laville.

With the advent of new technology, our program can now be heard streaming live on the internet and is therefore accessible from just about anywhere around the globe. It is also available on demand for a week.


In 2014,  when we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our program and of 3ZZZ, we put the following on our wish list : attracting some younger broadcasters and obtaining a third hour to enable us to present an even broader range of programs.


February 2015, we were granted an additional hour and on Friday, 27 Feb. we had our inaugural Friday program.

Now broadcasting Friday, 1.00 - 2.00pm and Saturday, 12 - 2.00pm



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Photo taken in the courtyard at Government House, Melbourne, Mon. 26 Nov. 2007