Song Contest 2019

Concours de chant  - Découverte 2019


The Mauritian program of 3ZZZ took the bold step of introducing a “concours de chant” – a song contest, on the radio as part of the program’s 30th anniversary. Months in the planning, it was officially launched on the airwaves by G.L., the broadcaster who conceived the idea. It went off with a BANG!

For the first round we heard 3 contestants, Jacques Silvio, Danielle Floros and Henri Palles, after which the phone lines were opened for listener votes.
In under an hour we received close to 70 calls, of which an estimated 25 were new callers. Those who were unable to phone while we were on air, were invited to register their vote by email until 5.00pm Friday 14 June. 

The winner of Round 1, and the first finalist, was Jacques Silvio.

For round 2, on Saturday 22 June,  3 new contestants:

Chelsea Jacotine, Estelle Dodin and Jacques Dorel.

Once again, the studio phones lit up. We received just under 90 calls, some from interstate. Voting by email was also made available.

The winner of Round 2, and the second finalist, is Chelsea Jacotine.

For Round 3, Saturday 6 July, the 3 contestants were Michelle Williams, Cynthia Moirt & Angelica Ithier.

Another massive response, The receptionists were kept busy. taking 99 calls in less than an hour. And the winner of Round 3 was Michelle Williams.

The final was held on Saturday 20 July. Sadly, winner of round 3, Michelle Williams, was unable to take part as she had lost her voice, and 2nd place getter, Angelica was invited to take the 3rd spot. The winner was chosen by a judging panel made up of 3 of our best-known musicians, Christian Calou, Stella Hennequin, and Judex Rose. 

The winner of the 2019 Song Contest is Jacques Silvio.

There was a special presentation to all participants, at a small celebration that was held after the group AGM, on Sundays 4 August, in the presence of a few of the singers' family and friends.

Click on either of the images above to access audio and pics of the contestants.