Christopher Géry -


Interview with Olivier Bancoult, 

President & Leader of the

Chagos Refugee Group in Mauritius,

which was conducted live by phone

with Margaret & Nella.


Olivier Bancoult Interview, 11 Apr. 2015 -
Les chagossiens - with Marjorie Lenette, 19 Mar 2016

How did the Chagossians become exiled from their island home; what's happened to them and what is in store for them in this year 2016...


Meet Australian singer/songwriter, Michelle Serret-Cursio, who appeared on 'The Voice' and is the regular lead vocalist on 'Dancing with the Stars'.  She was a guest on the program on Sat. 13 Dec. 2014

Georgy L'Etourdi -

 by Danielle & Richard, on 8 Aug 2015

We interviewed Jason Heerah, live via telephone, on Sat. 22 Nov, 2014.


Serge Lebrasse 17 Jan 2015 -

Interview with Serge Lebrasse, performing live in the studio, accompanied on keyboard by Sego, and with Sonia (Travailleur) vocals. (17 Jan. 2015)