Radiothon 2019

All You Need to Know & Frequently Asked Questions

•   What is radiothon and why do we have it?

This is part of the radio station's fundraising campaigns for operating costs. The station asks each broadcast group to participate over a period of 2 weeks. The response and support shown during radiothon provide 3ZZZ with a good gauge of the level of support of  listeners to each ethnic broadcast group. Each group has a target of at least $1,000 per hour of broadcasting time. The Mauritian program's target is $3,000.

•  What happens with the amount raised by the groups?

We are raising funds for the station. When groups reach their target, they receive 5% of all donations raised by the group, to assist with their program costs. 

•   What happens during radiothon?

There is no radio-jeu. Instead a team of volunteers will be on hand to take calls and record your pledges on a form like the one shown here. 

Be ready to give your name, your address (so that you can be sent a receipt), your phone number, amount pledged, and how you intend to pay.

As accuracy is important, the receptionist may need you to spell your name &/or your address.

You will be given a number. It's your pledge number. Make a note of it. You will need to include it with your donation when you send it in.

  What do I do if I want to pay by cheque or Money Order?

Make your cheque out to "3ZZZ Radio". On the back, be sure to write "Mauritian" and your pledge number  and  mail to

                        Radio 3ZZZ, PO Box 1160, Brunswick 3056

•  Can I pay by credit card?

If you wish to make your donation by credit card, have your card ready when you call.

•  What happens if I forget my pledge number?

Once radiothon is over, you can call us during the program and ask the receptionist.

•   Can I make my pledge and payment on line?

Yes. Go to and click on Donations.

Click the "Existing Pledge" button and enter your pledge number. However, if you have not pledged already, you click on New Pledge. 

•  Will I get a receipt?

Yes you will though it may take a few weeks.  Your donation is in fact tax deductible.

•  What if I don't want my name read on air?

You just need to tell the receptionist, when you phone.  However, you will still need to provide all details so they can complete a pledge form for you.

•  What is the minimum amount I can pledge?

To be in the draw for one of the prizes offered by 3ZZZ, the minimum is $20.  

•  What are the prizes?

The list of prizes offered through the Mauritian program and also for the 3ZZZ raffle is published on another page.